Nov 20, 2009

Chris ♥'s Sarah: Engagements!

I am pumped to finally share these images! These are my beautiful friends Chris and Sarah. Don't they make a gorgeous couple? You've seen them around on my website "pre-engagement". Well, now, as Sarah likes to say, "He liked he put a ring on it!". They are in love and engaged and I am so happy to be a part of their journey together. Have fun browsing through their cute little relationship. They both have quite the personalties. Sarah is a beautiful, Lebron James lovin' movie fanatic. While Chris is an extremely witty golf playin musician (I know Chris is going to make fun of me for that one). They're some of my very best friends and I am so happy for them and their futures together:) Enjoy! xoxo

Nov 18, 2009

Drew ♥'s Rachel: Engagements!

Get ready because this is going to be one of my longest posts for sure! Sorry, can't help myself...cute couple+fun props+cool locations+great weather+good friends of ours= LONG post and LOTS of pictures. You will see as you scroll through these images how fun, adventurous, and affectionate they are together. I truly admire relationships like this one. They are so much in love and just awesome together!

**Side note about Rachel and Drew...They are trying to win a trip to Tahiti for their honeymoon. They entered a contest where they had to make a video about their lovely relationship. So, help them out by going here and voting for them!