Jan 28, 2010

My Big Announcement for 2010!

For the past few months, we've been doing some serious soul-searching...

I have really been digging deep to find out who I truly am as a photographer. I love taking pictures for a living, and I love interacting with lovely people, but something seemed to be missing. From the start of heatherHphotography, I have been shooting digital pictures - but as my style had evolved, I've discovered a growing love for film. For the past few months we've been planning, researching, and dreaming, and we finally think we're ready...! So, without furtheradieu, here's the big announcement: we are converting heatherHphotography to 100% film by October 2010.

Remember my recent blog post, where I said there was something big happening for heatherHphotography? Click here if you didn't see my goals for 2010.

Well, the cat is now out of the bag. I have really kept this a secret for a long while now, but things are finally falling into place, so I felt it appropriate to share with my readers. I want you to follow me during this exciting transition. I am currently building a portfolio for my new blog, full of film pictures. I can't begin to tell you how anxious and nervous I have been to make this announcement. I actually have butterflies in my stomach (but I guess that's a good thing)! I love everything about film...the simplicity, the vintage and timeless feel, and all of the organic qualities it possesses. I am such a simple person, loving a good natural photo; I'm not too big on trends and editing in photoshop. I really think I am made for the timeless look of film. It is who I truly have become as a photographer and I finally feel ready to make this change! I am already booking weddings where I am shooting 100% film, so this is really starting to take effect and i couldn't be happier! So, heatherHphotography followers...get ready because by October 2010, I will be 100% film. There won't be a digital thing about me...except for maybe my imac and my cellphone, lol;)

Have a great day readers! And if you have any tips for me along the way, I would love to hear them!

Jan 14, 2010

Just for fun!

So, I'm sure you recognize this field from Megan & Stephen's engagements and my friend Lauren's family pictures. Well, after I took Lauren's photos, Elise and I decided to stick around and take a few shots just for fun. I thought this field was so beautiful and I just had to do one more shoot out there before it all withered away. These were actually taken a long time ago, but I have waited until now to post these because I had to let Elise look through them and allow me to put them up..haha! Elise has been my best friend since high school, can you believe it?!. She's wonderful and beautiful and I just love being around her. Enjoy looking at these photos of my gorgeous friend!

Jan 6, 2010

Welcome 2010!!

Sooo...I have definitely been MIA for a few weeks. And I don't really like when people make excuses for being busy, but I'm about to make some, lol. I think this past month or so has been the busiest I have ever been. It's always a good thing to be busy, but I never want to get too busy where I can't think straight. So, my apologies on a blog post long overdue. This blog post, however, is one to set the new year off to a good start. Ironically, one of my resolutions is to blog weekly. So, no matter what I am posting, there will be at least one a week! So, in 2010, I resolve the following:

❉ to read a book a month...off to a good start so far...but we'll see!
❉ blog weekly, as mentioned above
❉ stick to the budget plan that Andrew made for 2010
❉ learn to knit (I bought a roll of yarn a few weeks ago, I made a few hair pieces) Now, off to bigger and better things...a scarf, maybe a blanket, who knows?
❉ take a quilting class
❉ eat my food pyramid servings of fruits and veggies everyday
❉ paint more (I used to paint a lot, just for me, and it was so relaxing...I need that back in my life again)
❉ exercise 3 to 4 times a week (everyone who knows me, is probably laughing at this one, thinking, "yeah right!! when pigs fly!" but you wait and see...2010 I'm going to be an exercising machine)
❉ floss daily
❉ better my work flow/daily routine (stick to the daily schedule I made out)
❉ take my polaroid everywhere I go (one day I want a room FILLED with every little thing I've captured on a polaroid)
❉ print out pictures and actually put them in the empty frames scattered around my house...sad, I know!
❉ triple my blog traffic coming through...hey, if you read the blog, don't be afraid to leave a comment! I love me some blog pals!
❉ start a twitter account...as badly as I hate it, I really need to do this for my business (ugh..I just don't want people following me around all day! But, it's 2010, so I need to get with it!)
❉ have more patience. I am really learning that little by little
❉ Do some sort of "give away" on the blog (not sure yet, still working on it)
❉ I have a HUGE goal set for October 2010. However, it is a surprise and I can't let the cat out of the bag just yet. But, one hint is that it is going to change the look of my business (for the better)! I can't wait :)
❉ Finally, one of the biggest goals I need to stick to for 2010...And this is a big one blog readers....Here it is: I need to focus on the things I have and make them better instead of wishing I had things that are completely out of my hands. In other words, I need to be proud of even the smallest things in my life, then allow things to fall into it's right place! This is a big struggle for me. I am always wanting and wishing and dreaming up things that are most of the time impossible (causing me to become impatient and sometimes temperamental, lol...sorry Andrew)
Now, I'm not saying I need to stop dreaming, because dreaming is what has gotten me this far. But I just need to make sure I make a plan with my hopes and dreams and learn to be patient with them. Because, often times, I think up something I REALLY want to do and I am quickly dissapointed when it doesn't go the way I dreamt. So, I am learning to take my ideas and plan them out instead of trying to rush straight into things. So, 2010...here's to you and dreaming BIG with a plan and a purpose!
I dream of changing the world, with one Heather H Photography client at a time:)

So CHEERS to the New Year. I hope 2010 will be a great year for all of you. Dream big and pray for patience with those beautiful dreams you think up!

And here is a little picture that made me smile for the New Year...
Sometimes, we need to just take some time and get all dressed up, just to have a tea party with our friends! (I might even throw this on my list)