Jan 28, 2010

My Big Announcement for 2010!

For the past few months, we've been doing some serious soul-searching...

I have really been digging deep to find out who I truly am as a photographer. I love taking pictures for a living, and I love interacting with lovely people, but something seemed to be missing. From the start of heatherHphotography, I have been shooting digital pictures - but as my style had evolved, I've discovered a growing love for film. For the past few months we've been planning, researching, and dreaming, and we finally think we're ready...! So, without furtheradieu, here's the big announcement: we are converting heatherHphotography to 100% film by October 2010.

Remember my recent blog post, where I said there was something big happening for heatherHphotography? Click here if you didn't see my goals for 2010.

Well, the cat is now out of the bag. I have really kept this a secret for a long while now, but things are finally falling into place, so I felt it appropriate to share with my readers. I want you to follow me during this exciting transition. I am currently building a portfolio for my new blog, full of film pictures. I can't begin to tell you how anxious and nervous I have been to make this announcement. I actually have butterflies in my stomach (but I guess that's a good thing)! I love everything about film...the simplicity, the vintage and timeless feel, and all of the organic qualities it possesses. I am such a simple person, loving a good natural photo; I'm not too big on trends and editing in photoshop. I really think I am made for the timeless look of film. It is who I truly have become as a photographer and I finally feel ready to make this change! I am already booking weddings where I am shooting 100% film, so this is really starting to take effect and i couldn't be happier! So, heatherHphotography followers...get ready because by October 2010, I will be 100% film. There won't be a digital thing about me...except for maybe my imac and my cellphone, lol;)

Have a great day readers! And if you have any tips for me along the way, I would love to hear them!