Jan 14, 2010

Just for fun!

So, I'm sure you recognize this field from Megan & Stephen's engagements and my friend Lauren's family pictures. Well, after I took Lauren's photos, Elise and I decided to stick around and take a few shots just for fun. I thought this field was so beautiful and I just had to do one more shoot out there before it all withered away. These were actually taken a long time ago, but I have waited until now to post these because I had to let Elise look through them and allow me to put them up..haha! Elise has been my best friend since high school, can you believe it?!. She's wonderful and beautiful and I just love being around her. Enjoy looking at these photos of my gorgeous friend!

1 comment:

Courtney W. said...

I always enjoy looking at your AMAZING photography! You have such a true talent and I am so grateful that you enjoy sharing your art with us all! Keep up the good work Heather! I look forward to seeing more! ♥