Jul 23, 2010

olivia martinez!

okay, let's be honest with ourselves... did you look this great as a senior in high school? i know for a fact i did NOT. alright, i needed to get that out there, since we were all thinking it! olivia is such a lovely girl. and actually, this is a special post because she flew all the way from new mexico to have her senior portraits taken. well, just kidding about that last sentence...olivia came to alabama to visit her family here and had these taken during her stay;)

i am very fond of her family, considering my best friend, elise, is a part of it! and i could be around olivia all day. she has such a genuine spirit and the happiest little smile. i'm excited to see what's in olivia's future, because i know she will impress a lot of people with her charming personality!

Jul 20, 2010

robin & jerad: wedding day!

this was such a great wedding to be a part of. we felt privileged to be there capturing this classy little wedding. robin and jerad made andrew and i feel so comfortable throughout the day, and we had too much fun being around their family and friends.

and i have to give my best friend elise harris props for doing the make up. she did the bride and the wedding parties makeup for the wedding and did such a beautiful job. if you're interested, shoot me an email for her contact information, she does great work!