Aug 19, 2009

Sarah Melton

I've been so excited to post these! I actually took these a couple of weeks ago (yeah, I know, I'm a little backed up), and I'm so glad because the locations we went to are all chopped down and torn apart now. If there is anything I've learned about being a photographer it's that once you find a location, you have to do pictures there immediately (especially in Tuscaloosa..where everything is constantly changing).

Anyways, enough of my rambling...this is the beautiful Sarah Melton! Sarah is moving to Atlanta with high hopes of pursuing her dream in filmmaking. She contacted me about doing some photos that were a little more interesting than typical head shots for publicity stuff. Sarah, I wish you the best in your career journey. But I must say, I think you should model for Anthropologie. What do you think? ;)


Anonymous said...

absolutely love these pics heather. i recogonize those aqua mailboxes =) you are so talented!!!!

Heather Hester said...

Thanks so much Cilla:)