Dec 1, 2009

Garrett ♥'s Kristina: Engagements!

Boy was this engagement session funny (and interesting, haha)! We were quickly running out of daylight, so I got in "serious mode" (which if you know me, doesn't happen much) and I was all..."Okay, stand here, do this, turn here, look that way, hug, kiss, love each other...but do it quick!" They were so easy going and we just laughed our way through it. Since we had a limited amount of time for outside pictures, I decided to take them inside a cute little restaurant where they could order a bottle of wine and I would just capture them in a sweet little intimate setting. It was definitely different from what I usually do, but it was fun trying something new. I actually loved how they turned out. The wine, the candlelight and soft grainy feel to the photos made me smile. So, I hope you enjoy this cute couple as much as I did!

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Anthony Gomez said...

Great photos. What lense are you using in the these? Particularly the "wide angle" shots. They look great.