Jun 28, 2010

brooke & grant: part one!

i am in love with this entire shoot and this amazing little pair! brooke and grant have been married for 5 years, and wanted photos made to celebrate. i was so excited to work with brooke. not only are her and her hubs super adorable, but i follow her sweet little blog and just knew we would hit it off. it felt so natural hanging with these two that we even hung out after we finished the session! it was so great connecting with them and finding out how similar our interests were. i felt like i kept finding myself saying, "o my gosh, me too!" or "wow, that sounds just like something andrew would do".

i look forward to hanging out with them in the near future;)
**be on the lookout for part two this week...it's a fun one!


Brooke Premo said...

Yay! You did such a great job, Heather!

How you managed to make it look like we weren't so covered in sweat is a mystery!

Terri said...

Wow!! This is one of the most beautiful couples I've ever seen! (I'm Brooke's mom) Seriously, you did a fabulous job!

heather hester said...

thanks brooke;) i'll be in touch soon with the rest!!

and thanks terri! your daughter and son-in-law are great and i LOVED getting to know them!