Dec 9, 2009

Jay ♥'s Laura Beth: Engagements!

I had so much fun watching this couple interact with one another. Not only do I love these pictures, I LOVE this couple! They made me feel like we had been friends for years. They were up for all of my crazy ideas, and I really had a great time getting to know them. Laura Beth loves to paint and Jay loves the outdoors (he knows every type of plant life out there...seriously!) so it was great capturing that in their photos. You know when you're watching a "feel good" movie/show and you catch yourself (or a friend catches you) smiling all dreamlike at the TV screen? Well, that's how I felt driving home from this engagement shoot. It put me in the best mood. I had so much fun with them and couldn't get over how lovely they were to be around. So...Jay and Laura Beth, thank you for making me feel so comfortable around you and just letting go and having fun. Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement session. Enjoy!

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Courtney W. said...

I really love these! Very creative!!! Beautiful couple!