Mar 31, 2010

kayla & brian

kayla and brian are such sweeties. i am so lucky to have gotten to spend an afternoon with them. through our email conversations, kayla suggested that we take a few fun shots in an antique mall.. an idea that i loved! an antique store is a photographer's dream, and we couldn't have had more fun. then, it was off to my favorite place for pictures- the beautiful sunshine. kayla and rocked it!


Kayla said...

heather- we can't say thank you enough! these look so beautiful and we can't wait to see the rest!!! =) my cheeks hurt from smiling all day!

heather hester said...

you are so welcome kayla! i had a blast w/ you guys..and darn, i made you cry at work and made your cheeks hurt, what kind of photographer am i, lol:)