Mar 19, 2010

what happens in vegas...

what happens in vegas doesn't always have to stay in vegas..i've got nothing to hide! i made a memorable trip last week with my photog pal, emma. we attended a photographers convention in las vegas which completely blew our little minds. we brought back more info than we could have imagined. emma and i were finally able to spend an entire week together chatting non-stop about photography. of course we also spent our time having fun touring the city, photographing one another, and challenging ourselves to snap photos of willing passerby's on the street. and yes, we also tried our luck with the vegas slot machines...and we each lost about $10. we thought we would be leaving vegas with a grand prize bmw, but we quickly realized we weren't cut out for the gambling world. oh well, maybe next year!

here are a few pics captured in vegas. enjoy! and isn't she a cutie?**

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